I believe–a layout.

8 Jan

Boy I’m a terrible blogger. But I swear I’ll try to be better. My daughter goes back to school tomorrow, my husband goes back to work tomorrow… so hopefully on my days off (Tuesday and Thursday) I’ll be able to get some crafting and writing done.

But for tonight I’ll leave with you my latest digi-scrapped layout. Done this week, my first one since May with photos. I love it, though I had trouble getting it done. I have a whole year’s worth of photos to scrap, but it’s so hard because it’s been so long. And I love scrapping non-holiday photos. Just fun, messing around photos… those are my favourites to scrapbook – and I took very few of those last year.

It was a very hard year for me. My husband was gone a lot in the beginning of the year with his pre-deployment training out of town. Then in June he left for Afghanistan. And it was just my daughter and I. Luckily I had one of my brothers visiting, staying with us actually for 5 months – he was here before my husband left the country and stayed through the first half of the deployment. He helped out around the house, he cut the lawn, gave me a break – allowing me to have some “me time” occasionally. This helped.

But I was without my husband. The love of my life. My bestest friend. And I couldn’t be creative. While he was gone I only created a few birthday cards and a few recipe cards. The bare minimum for me. I took the bare minimum of photos. So needless to say, it’s been hard getting back into the creative spirit. But I’m trying. And here’s my first real layout since my husband’s deployment… I hope you like it. But it doesn’t really matter… since we do this for our family and for ourselves right?


HappyGirls web


Kit used is by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Jenn Barrette – Note to Self
Template by Kim Broedelet
Fonts used are the King & Queen font & DJB HEIDIHscript.

Layout was created for SSD’s Pinterest Challenge #4



3 Responses to “I believe–a layout.”

  1. Tanyia January 10, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    this is lovely! I bet it felt good to get some creativity flowing again!

  2. mrshobbes January 13, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    Oh this is so pretty! I love your double clusters! And don’t worry about not scrapping without photos or a prolonged bout of not scrapping. I’ve done that and I’m always TERRIFIED of that first time opening PS. Then I grit my teeth and do it anyway. Eventually, as i’m sure you’ve noticed, it gets easier 🙂

  3. KimG January 14, 2012 at 11:46 pm #

    I totally get it! But I’m starting to scrap more and the more you do, the easier it comes. Sometimes when your heart is hurting, scrapbooking just isn’t what you can handle. For me it was home improvement projects and getting ready to move, so much of my brain was there that there wasn’t anything left for creativity. But now I’m starting to “feel it” again, so here’s hoping you are one step closer to feeling the mojo!

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