Why Fred?

Hey there! My name is Monique – but some “inside” people call me Fred. Why Fred? Well I’ll tell you:


Years ago I worked in a used book store in North Bay, Ontario (Canada). Most of the employees knew me from when I was a kid and my siblings would call me “Nicky”. They thought this meant my name was Nicole. So when I came to work for them they would sometimes call me Monique, sometimes call me Nicole, sometimes call me Michelle (I don’t know why, but it’s a popular choice when people are guessing my name.) and sometimes call me other names too! This made things quite confusing when they were trying to call to me from across the big store – I never knew who they were talking to! So. One day I told them to pick a name – any name, and stick with it. Jokingly one of them asked if they could call me Fred. I said sure. As long as they all used it and stuck with it. And so, from that day on I was known as Fred. To the employees, to their families, to the customers I was Fred… even my mother loved it and occasionally bought me something with the name on it – like a pen and a key chain.

So now you’re one of those people that are on the “inside” about my nick-name, Fred.

What’s your name?


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