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New cookbooks to peruse!

29 Dec

Woohoo! I’m in heaven right now. Why? Because I just got back from the library with 3 new cookbooks to peruse! I’ve got my stack of sticky notes to mark the recipes I want to try at hand, and now I’m just chillin’ on the couch and letting myself drool over the yummy food photos and recipe descriptions.

Of course the drooling could also be from the smell emanating from my kitchen… hubby is making ribs – cooking them low and slow in the oven – and my gosh the smell is unreal! Once they’re done in the oven we’ll warm up the bbq and give them some extra flavour as well as a good dose of bbq sauce to finish them off.

And what are we having on the side? I’m thinking I’ll mix the veggy lover’s salad mix with some spinach leaves, add some diced tomatoes and bake up some super fluffy and yummy biscuits – and voila! Dinner. Want my biscuit recipe? Ok. You twisted my arm. Here it is


Enjoy! Hope you’re having a wonderful dinner too!

Books I’m checking out: